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Components and Systems for off grid power

Off Grid Ireland are experts in designing and installing off grid energy systems where there is no mains power supply. Sometimes mains power supply is unobtainable, for example on a buoy at sea, or it could be financially prohibitive to run power cables over long distances. In other instances being off-grid is a lifestyle choice, choosing to generate your own power for the health of our planet or to increase your independence. Whatever the reason, we have the expertise to design a system that will meet your requirement.

We partner with companies that have a proven track record in innovation, efficiency and reliability in both their products and aftersales support. We strive to add value to your project through our in depth system and product knowledge. Through our installation partners we can provide installations throughout Ireland, including MCS approved installations. MCS installations (both on and off grid, solar PV, wind and hydro) are eligible for ROC payments which as the time of writing was 17.64p per unit. This means an MCS approved off-grid installation in the region of 4Kw could generate an estimated £550+ per annum (depending on site orientation, shading etc.) in ROC payments.

Off Grid Ireland

  • SMA Solar
  • Morningstar Corporation
  • Victron Energy
  • Rolls Batteries
  • Steca Solar
  • Kestrel Wind
  • Eclectric

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